4 Simple Ways To Market Your Small Business App

With more than two million apps available in the iOS app store, the question for e-commerce businesses is no longer why do you need an app, but rather, why don’t you have one?  And secondly, how to market an app to stand out amongst millions. 

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Businesses of all sizes benefit from adding apps and other technologies to their offerings. Apps can provide an additional edge to a company’s ability to engage clients and more efficiently facilitate a positive customer experience. Needless to say, any business that invests in adding an app to their repertoire is thereby making a commitment to generating greater revenue. However, an app doesn’t become successful overnight. Apps require promotions and marketing in order to be an asset to a business. In order to be successful you need app downloads, and there are several ways you can go about garnering user attention.

Dave Shah, CEO at Wve Labs, states that, “Promoting your app is the single biggest way you can guarantee downloads. You want your customers to know you are out there and to be able to find you. Just as you share your new home address with your friends and family after you have moved. It’s the same idea.”   ….


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