7 tips for successfully marketing your small business online



The online marketing environment has essentially leveled the playing field; small businesses can get noticed on a big scale right next to major brands with massive marketing budgets — without having to spend even close to the same amount. Despite requiring less money for the return on investment, there are still many strategies that you need to consider before just jumping online and marketing whatever comes to mind. 7 tips for successfully marketing your small business online

Here are some strategies that I’ve employed as a small business owner, freelancer, and startup founder. I’ve found that these approaches have led to proven and sustainable online marketing success for myself and many other entrepreneurs just like me:

  • Define your brand and its attributes as a starting point so you can use these attributes to send a consistent message, look, and feel wherever you market online. This means having a logo, a tagline, and color palette that goes on your website, social media channels, marketing collateral, email signature and also any offline marketing materials. If you are not creative, you can work with a graphic designer who can take the list of attributes that you believe define your small business brand and set it apart from others and create a visual representation for you. …

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