5 trends that are changing the face of m-commerce

Our screens are getting smaller, our mobile devices are getting smarter while the e-commerce industry is getting bigger. Bigger to the tune of $2.29 trillion by the end of the year, over one-third of which will come from purchases made on mobile devices in the US, according to eMarketer’s projections. It’s not much of a shocker […]

4 Simple Ways To Market Your Small Business App

With more than two million apps available in the iOS app store, the question for e-commerce businesses is no longer why do you need an app, but rather, why don’t you have one?  And secondly, how to market an app to stand out amongst millions.  Businesses of all sizes benefit from adding apps and other technologies to their […]

4 Simple Tips to Start Your Business Off Right

Minimize your learning curve and increase your chance of success by following these tips. If you’re reading this, it means you’ve either started your own business or you’re considering making the leap into entrepreneurship. Either way, I think some congratulations are in order. No, you shouldn’t start patting yourself on the back too early (especially […]

11 Mobile App Development Trends For 2017

Trends come and go. You have been hearing this since the evolution of the modernization began. Nothing sustains or lasts long. But, it is very important to go along with the trend when it is prevailing. Similar is the case with the mobile application development industry. It has obviously become a large. Mobile world offers […]

Why You Need a Mobile App for Your Small Business

by Priya Viswanathan Mobile apps are now integral part of almost every business, irrespective of their size and industry. Several small industries too have profited from developing mobile apps. While most small businesses have their own Website, it is indeed more profitable for them to also develop a mobile app. Here are reasons why you should develop […]

17 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

by Jawad Khan Over the last few years, mobile apps have become an integral part of many leading businesses across the globe in different ways. Some of the most successful brands and companies in the world have their own mobile apps that are used to achieve objectives ranging from product enhancements and customer services to mobile marketing and […]

7 ways small businesses can benefit from mobile apps

Small business, mobile marketing and customer experience experts share their tips and advice regarding how mobile applications can help businesses to better engage with customers, keep employees connected and boost the bottom line.  By Jennifer Lonoff Schiff As many small businesses now know, to stay competitive these days, you need to be mobile. But being mobile […]

Small Businesses Should Feature Customer Reviews Ahead of the Holiday Shopping Season

Photo credit: pichetw/Shutterstock Small businesses should add reviews and user-generated content to their product and service pages ahead of the upcoming holiday season to compete with top retailers and drive more sales. Across the landscape of in-store and online shopping, consumers are increasingly leveraging product and service reviews from other customers to inform their purchase […]

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