How Do Consumers Use Google and Why Should Businesses Care?

Google AdWords advertisers need to be aware of a change that reminds us how important is to understand Google’s algorithm.

In March 2017, Google announced that Google AdWords’ exact match keywords would not be exact anymore. They would include close variants so as to ensure that the keyword algorithm would grab and properly interpret the user intent. This is a change that has flown under the radar but changes fundamentally how Google AdWords works.

This might seem like a somewhat specific change Google is making in a pay-per-click platform only some businesses use — so, why should we, as consumers, care at all about it? Because we have become numb to the way we connect with the world, with the world wide web or in other words, with Google. And that, in itself, is newsworthy — even more so than the aforementioned Google AdWords update that has made us realize it.

The Google AdWords update and why it matters

Up until today, advertisers could add into their AdWords ad groups any amount of keywords they deemed fit and relevant to it. For instance, if a shoe retail business based in Los Angeles, CA had a campaign targeting both Los Angeles and neighboring Beverly Hills, it likely had ad groups for sport shoes, home sandals and dressy shoes.

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