How Local Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Apps

Many small and local businesses are finally realizing that to stay competitive today, you need to venture into the world of mobile apps and marketing. Having a mobile-friendly website is not the only way to stay ahead of the competition. There are many mobile apps that are available to businesses both large and small that can boost the bottom line as well as keep your employees connected. Many apps can also help mobile customers and employees keep in contact with you and each other. Below are some of the top benefits that local businesses may benefit from by using mobile apps.



With the increased technology of geo-targeting and beacons, it is much easier for local businesses to target key mobile users with location-specific messages and ads. With certain mobile apps, businesses are able to send out special offers to customers who live in a close proximity to the store or business. This helps local businesses save money on marketing because they can spend less money focusing on targeting customers who are nearby and not ones that live out of the target area. Many businesses may save money on marketing this way because they won’t be wasting money on ads that target customers outside of their vicinity.

Customer Loyalty Programs

A great type of mobile app that local businesses may use is one that offers their customers loyalty rewards. For their customers who download the app, they can get access to exclusive specials and time-sensitive deals. To better benefit the business and the customers, the app may also offer a survey to ask customers what type of rewards they prefer for continuing to bring their business there. The survey can not only obtain important information to help better your business and what rewards you offer, it can also help keep your customers feeling valued and appreciated. This, in turn, will increase customer engagement and revenue.

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