To Propel Your Business, You Must Embody Your Brand

In an interview, PR News asked marketing pro Brian Solis what companies miss most often in engaging customers and stakeholders. His response was profound. “Companies are still bringing a dictator-like approach to engagement,” he said. “They’re still broadcasting instead of communicating…public relations, marketing and social media teams try to own the conversation rather than invest in it, shape it or become part of it.” (Italics added)

To reach your full potential, then, you must not only represent your business but should strive to become the full embodiment of your personal and company brand. On this point I interviewed Alysa Rushton, a global thought leader who’s guided thousands of people to “step into their greatness” by becoming and even exuding their brands, and in doing so, achieve exponential company growth and create the lives of their dreams.

Rushton advises that your values, behaviors and even appearance are a representation of your brand at all times. When you are congruent, business soars. But if you behave in a way that is inconsistent with the brand you claim, customers flee.

Alysa Rushton

Alysa Rushton has propelled her business by being a genuine representative of her personal brand.

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