21 Small Business Marketing Trends For 2017


To help us identify all of these new trends and tell you what can be done to pivot your business to align with these trends – we reached out to hundreds of experts to ask about the trends they see.

From those we narrowed the responses down to 18 of the most impactful trends that will inevitably impact your small business’s marketing in 2017.

Let’s dive in…

Even More Content Marketing

SEO is inescapable in the modern world of business – you need to make sure your company has a high ranking in the search engine to attract as much business as possible. Because of this, content marketing is more important than ever. Keep your website content up to date, as well as having a News or Blog page of fresh and engaging articles – you can either write these yourself or hire an agency to keep it updated for you. Google looks very favourably upon sites which have organic and original content.

Mobile is King

The world has gone mobile. There are more website visits on mobile. There are more searches conducted on mobile. Voice search will push forwards the total search volume even further. Unfortunately, most businesses are yet to truly embrace mobile within their marketing efforts. Sure, many businesses have a responsive website and we were talking about responsive web design as far back as 2012 yet there is much more to consider to truly optimize your website and digital presence for mobile users. …

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