The Different Sales Approach Methods

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There’s no one best sales approach. Your personality and background will determine which type of sales technique is most effective for you. Even if you have a methodology that works well, it’s a good idea to try a different approach now and then. Trying new methods keeps you out of a rut, and you may be surprised by how well a new sales approach works for you. In fact, many salespeople do best by using a combination of approaches.

The Instant Buddy

People feel better about buying from someone they like. Salespeople who use the Buddy approach are warm and friendly, asking questions and showing interest in their prospects. They try to connect on an emotional level with each prospective customer.

This approach can be very effective, but only in the right hands – usually salespeople who are naturally warm-hearted and love making new friends. Don’t try this approach with a prospect unless you mean it – people can tell if you’re faking it, and they’ll be very unhappy with you. You’ll also need to do some follow-through to demonstrate that you do like and care about the prospect. For example, if you chat about the prospect’s eleven-month-old baby during your appointment, you should follow up by sending a card and small gift or both on the child’s first birthday.

The Guru

Salespeople who prefer a more logical and less emotional approach set themselves on the task of becoming experts in anything and everything related to their industry. ….

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