A Retail App That’s 100% Tailored To Your Business

We deliver a finished product that’s uniquely yours, easy to manage, and effective in a wide range of ways.

Your Customers Will Be Impressed

With your branding style, and colors, woven into every fiber of your custom shopping app, sales are more likely to follow.

Your Bottom Line Will Smile

With Shopy2Go’s subscription service, that extra cost is eliminated from your budget.

Be Mobile in just a few Days

We can get you up and running in just a few days… not months.

Your Staff Will Shine

Your staff will love using our Sales Dashboard, and when they’re happy, your business shines from the inside out.


Your Brand Will Thrive

Help inspire brand loyalty by quickly and easily engaging customers in meaningful ways.

Your Shipping Department Will Rejoice

It’s all right there, in the intuitive, clean-looking dashboard for your shipping department to enjoy.

Your Inventory Under Control

Know what you have, where it’s going, and your stock levels. Your inventory management will be a breeze.

What Your Customers Really Want

Learn from your Sales Dashboard, tweak your methods, and watch your sales figures rise, month after month.

Are your customers the center of the universe?

You bet they are!
The market for mobile apps is exploding, and not just for the big players on the market. Now, small business owners can be part of the mobile app revolution that's taking place.

If your customers,

  • Need help and advice before they buy
  • Love your shop’s range of products
  • Are ready to order online (for home delivery or store pickup)
  • Appreciate your product knowledge
  • Respond to special offers

then what are you waiting for?  Go mobile!

Every single day, online retailers like you make tons of money on sales, using eCommerce solutions and mobile-friendly e-stores. But did you know that the best engagement is when customers can have your store right in their pockets? There’s a special and unique connection that’s made when customers engage with a 100% mobile retail shop… no browsing, engine searching, or other “noise” to get in the way. It’s like their shopping in their own personal store.

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