This Refund Policy should be clearly and specifically spelled out to potential Client of the Shopy2Go site to avoid disputes with them, regarding the cancelation of the subscription they would like to make for some of the products they ordered previously.

There are a few important things to keep in mind before you decide to cancel the subscription of the service and product you ordered.

The only refundable part is the subscription of the service. The One Time Setup Fee is not refundable.
What that means?

That means the One Time Setup Fee is the price which is included into preparation and developing process of the mobile application product for each Client, separately and hence can not be part of cancelation process.

The only way when complete order can be cancelled if that was requested before we start with the process of preparation and customize the product.

But the subscriptions can easily cancel at any time and there are no cancellation fees about that.
If for any reason you are not satisfy with the Service, you can do that 30 days prior to decide to cancel the continuation of subscription to our Service. You have to contact us at Ask Support and we will take care of the whole process of cancelation. Otherwise we will not accept the cancelation of the current month of subscription and the same will not be refunded.

After cancelation of the subscription, your product it will continue to work without any problem but it will not be technically supported by us.

Later if you decide again to continue or purchase some new subscription (Monthly or Yearly) we will continue to support and maintain your product. You have to contact us at Ask Support with request and we will take care of that.

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