Important Features of an E-commerce system

Important Features of an E-commerce system

With the pace at which the digital world is expanding, people are now taking their business online, giving them a much wider audience and more campaign strategies. When taking your business online, you have to ponder on your ecommerce website design and not only that; there are some important features that constitute the essence of your ecommerce development. These important features will be discussed in this article because they are not something that should be ignored in the overall design of an ecommerce website.

Catalogue and Content Management

Catalogue management is the ability of your ecommerce system to effectively arrange, organise and also control activities as well as information going in and out on your website. It keeps a proper record of data concerning your ecommerce website. It can be helpful when it comes to uploading information especially when it is time-bound and of mass quantity, saving you the stress of manually uploading or downloading hundreds of data by yourself. It keeps track of schedules, probably better than doing it manually, so it automatically knows when to upload information or collect information. Helps in effectively categorising, making searches easier, improves the navigation from the homepage, manages brands as well as featuring them on the homepage and so on.

When it comes to content management, content pages are managed, and new ones can be created and edited, images can be added and also image editing tools are available. Emails are managed through content management by setting messaging for order status emails and setting messaging for thank you email on product reviews and blog comment submissions.

Customer data management.

This feature is effective in searching and sorting customers by name (first or last name), managing customers’ orders and customer accounts. This feature gives you the access to deleting customer account or resetting the password; as the case may be. This is a major part of the back-end functionality of your ecommerce solution.

Marketing and Promotions Management.

Having a web shop is not enough until you can get the word out that you have an online store (if you wish to start an online clothing store or whatever product or service you market), then does your online store become active and customers know what product or service you offer. Marketing and promotional tools give you the opportunity to create and manage discount codes, set percentages off an amount, set minimum and maximum quantity required for a discount code, as well as set the number of times a discount code can be used before it expires. This marketing and promotional tool come with so many features that make it such a vital part of your ecommerce website design.

SEO Management

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is another important back-end functionality that makes your web shop more visible and valuable using keywords. These keywords help search engines properly locate your website based on a search by an individual looking for a product or services as yours. The better your SEO, the higher up in the search engine your website will appear. Some of these features of the search engine optimisation are the configuration of dynamic title and meta tags for categories and sub-categories also for brand pages and product pages that manages all the dynamic title tag structure throughout your website etc. For specific titles and meta information, it configures site-wide default title and meta tags, configures homepage title and meta tags and so on. So much lies with how effective these meta tags are put in place.

Order management

Orders of customers from your site can only be effectively managed through this feature. It manages and updates order status, effective order sorting, provides full detail on order information and purchase details. Shows shipping and billing address, in addition to also creating and managing customers’ order status. Also, customers should receive a notification via email when an order is placed.

Payment method

A convenient way to complete a transaction for customers is to simply ask them to pay online through their credit or debit card. This also makes your payment system more flexible. Ensure you Integrate major payment gateways systems for swift and easy modes of payment.

Shipping management

This one feature handles the logistics. The shipping options provided has to give enough room for convenience for the customer. Also, show the shipping charge attached to their transaction, and consider a place for international carriers and how their shipping method will be integrated to help the customer know exactly when and how they should expect their delivery.

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