Optimizing Your E-commerce Website for Better User Experience

Optimizing Your E-commerce Website for Better User Experience

Mobile phones are indeed a convenient way to access the internet anywhere, any time. For this reason, mobile apps platforms are created to even make users access what they need directly rather than having to go through a website. Some e-commerce websites have integrated the mobile commerce into their e-commerce system. And too often than none, users tend to find the experience using a mobile app to be much better than going through the website. Now, there a number of factors to be considered in an e-commerce development that will help improve user experience whenever one comes into your website, to keep them more engaged than if they were on a mobile commerce.

Your E-commerce Website Design

First things first, the design is essential. Your e-commerce development should be strongly focused on the design. From the layout, user interface, navigation etc. also considering it is a new online store, your website design should properly promote your products using a good and recognizable logo, provisions for review of your products from customers, videos of your products, testimonials and not to forget contact information, for customers looking to make inquiries.

One key element in any business is its customers. As an online retailer, you have to always consider your customers first when you go about your services. Let your customers be engaged with contents on your site. Let them have a sense of satisfaction that even if they are not in a physical store, they are provided with all the necessary information to successfully make a decision regarding their purchase. Do not forget to include special offers, give discounts on purchases, in addition to that, you can offer free shipping. Keeping your webshop simple and yet engaging makes its overall user experience satisfying.

Mobile Friendly

Just at the beginning of this article, you will get to realize that mobile phones or smartphones are majorly used to access the internet. For this reason, your e-commerce website has to be suited for all devices. Taking into consideration display sizes and fixing your website layout to effectively match up with these different display sizes, making it convenient and easy to navigate. By doing this, both a user on a laptop and a user on a mobile phone enjoy the same experience and easily navigate your site. Making your e-commerce website responsive to display helps improve your website visibility on search engines.

Use of Search Boxes and Filter.

You walk into a store because you probably want to make purchases. And a store can be so large; customers cannot be made to start going through every product one after the other, all because you are looking for one particular thing. Instead, stores are divided into sections to enable people to properly navigate to what they are looking for. The same should apply to your e-commerce website design. Customers should be able to search for products by brand, price, rating and so on to make their shopping faster and easier. Search boxes can be a lot effective as well when the customer wants a more specific product. However, neither of the two are independent of the other. So, it will be great if they are both available on your webshop.

Shopping Carts

Shopping carts are very useful. In stores, people use them to keep their selected items while going about the store. The same should apply to your online store. Customers should be able to make selections and store them in the shopping cart until they are done and ready to make payment. Do not forget that your available shopping cart should be visible to customers when shopping and make it easy for them to view selected items in the cart and remove or add items are they please before checking out.

Payment Methods

Finally, payment methods have a great effect on the overall rating of your website. Ensure to provide customers with a wide variety of payment options. You can never be certain as to what payment option is more convenient for your customers. Provide customers with as many payment options as possible and make sure to use secure and reliable payment gateway for your customers’ transactions.

With a properly designed e-commerce website, you can match up to the user experience with that of a mobile commerce platform and even come out better off.

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