Popular E-commerce misconceptions

Popular E-commerce misconceptions

The internet is vast and loaded with so much information; it can drown you. Even when challenges arise, too often we log on to the internet and through search engines look up for solutions to that challenge or problem. Now, it is becoming difficult to say for sure what is true or false, especially when we have no idea of a such a challenge. Many people end up being misled, misguided or probably end up misinterpreting the actual message intended.

These mistakes and misconceptions are found in almost every field, and the e-commerce world is no exception. Some online retailers are victims of false information, and they end up making their already existing problem more complicated than it was. Yes, it is okay to seek advice from people’s posts on the internet, but it is also essential to make proper research before jumping into executing the supposed solution offered to you.

A few of these misconceptions will be discussed in this article.

Engaging in cross-selling at every little opportunity.

A typical sales technique to generally boost sales is to get a customer to spend a little more by purchasing related products to what is being bought already. This is a great idea; however, it is not so friendly barging in on customers at every little opportunity to market products that they do not want to buy. Sometimes e-commerce sites display these products to customers even at the point of checkout some also display products that are totally unrelated. As a webshop looking to create a better user experience on your site, making purchases should be fast and straightforward with no interruption especially from cross-selling.

Providing too many trivial information about each product.

There is this practice that you can never provide your customer with too much information, and so sellers get in the habit of offering too much information than required. This is not entirely wrong as it helps the buyer make better decisions. However, it is one thing to provide necessary information and another thing to overload too much of it. Your e-commerce website design should be in such a way that product details are more specific and straight to the point; the customer is on your online store to make a purchase not to read an article. So, make the details on each of your product more specific, supply your buyers with key information that even at a short glance he/she can make a decision. Try using headers with key specifications. Also, if there should there be a need for more information then, it can be included separately, probably as a pdf as the case may be.

Believing a good e-commerce website design is all it takes to be successful.

Online retailers often assume that a successful e-commerce world is solely based on the website. A good e-commerce development; well navigated, fast, mobile-friendly, swift and safe transaction etc. this is a good approach towards your e-commerce success, but it is not the only thing to consider. It is just like saying you build a store, well furnished, well arranged, several checkout stations, available POS and all, and because of that, your business is successful. This is a wrong mindset, success in a business comes from its overall service provided to its customers/clients. How you treat them, how good your products are and so on. A beautiful website design is good when it offers value to its customers before and after purchase. To build an online store takes much more than just a good e-commerce website design but a lot of quality services are also required.

To start an online store is s thing that can be done by anyone

Online retailers get involved with e-commerce development with little to no experience or knowledge about it, believing it does not cost anything; it is easy. Such business owners eventually run into difficulties in the long run. Developing an e-commerce site requires skill and proper knowledge to successfully navigate the complexities and challenges that could arise. You sometimes wonder why some e-commerce solutions are doing better than other; this sometimes can be the case of no skill or knowledge and funny enough, most business owners do not seem to realize that it is their ignorance that is responsible for the slow growth of their online store.


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